Abacus System is a Software Development and training organisation with its primary focus on developing, deploying and managing business process automation solutions for the Web Service Industry. Abacus System is next-generation infrastructure and core laptopelite systems deliver the industry's most reliable products, backed by a dedicated team of technical experts providing unrivaled customer service.
Our team of project managers, software engineers and programmers, testers, designers and technical writers has extensive experience in . We follow standard quality assurance processes to deliver high-quality applications that are properly tested and delivered with proper documentation, they work closely with customer to plan and seek approval for each design and development milestone, from beginning to end.
We provide custom software solutions using modern software platforms, software development tools and the latest project management techniques with software engineering practices. We have specialised in Microsoft Platform.
We have a very strong team of highly qualified designers & multimedia professionals who are actively involved in providing various types of multimedia presentations. Our multimedia team also provides action script and 3D solutions.